I have asked myself this question many times over many years. My first litter was picture perfect – I got lulled into thinking that this breeding stuff was fun and easy - 12 puppies – no problems.

Since that first breeding we have had many additional litters and I cannot even begin to tell you how much I have learned and experienced – the tears of joy and pain that have been shed – the wonderful people I have met – experiencing driving across the country in any kind of weather to the stud dog that I think is the perfect match for my girl and spending days in hotels or motels - the disappointment when a breeding does not take – the fear when the breeding does take that something might happen to my much loved girl in the process of whelping – the lack of sleep and physical exhaustion while caring for the bitch and puppies when they are first born – removing the dew claws – fighting uterine infections and mastitis – losing puppies at birth or even worse later – getting pups to 9 weeks of age and then having them react to their first vaccine (one subsequently dying) and huge bills to keep the other one alive –finding wonderful pet owners and ultimately life long friends to care for the puppies I have nurtured so carefully and lovingly for 10 weeks –fearing that you might make a mistake with a possible owner. Having to tell people that you are not comfortable with placing a puppy with them - hearing the heartwarming stories of the pups who have become adored members of the family – worrying if one becomes ill – the sadness of having them die and the pain of losing one of “our” puppies for the owners and for myself.

Breeding when you deeply care for your own pet and the puppies who will become someone else’s pet is really hard. I don’t think the public has any idea how difficult it is... time consuming, expensive, emotionally draining at times, exhausting and wonderful.

Do I want to be a breeder? You bet I do and I hope that I will be able to do this for many years to come. Am I crazy for wanting to do this? ... believe me, many of our friends and even my husband sometimes think I am.

Bev Travis

BoBev’s Leonbergers

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