My love affair with the Leonberger Dog started about in 1993 when I met a 9 month old  Leo puppy named Munson in obedience class.  When I got home I said to my husband, Bob, this will be our next dog!  It took about a year to find Leonberger puppies for sale, be approved by the breeder and bring home our first Leonberger, Whispering Winds Aluv to BoBev aka as Serafina! - born July 3,1994

All my life I had wanted to breed dogs, but each family pet we had had some significant health issue and could not be bred.  When my Sera passed all her health tests, I was ecstatic and thankful for the Leonberger community who helped me a great deal as a novice. We had our first litter May 9, 1997... 10 boys and 2 girls!

Over the years we have met many wonderful people, been to great events, and enjoyed meeting puppy hopefuls and puppy owners, some of whom have become good friends.

I try very hard to be in contact with all our puppy owners and be part of their lives with their dogs.  I get very attached to our puppies and want to know how they, and the people who are owned by them, are doing both positive and negative.

We live in the Catskill mountains on 50 acres with a 3 acre pond for the dogs and us to swim in and enjoy.  Our Leonbergers are first and foremost our pets, and live with us in our home, sleep with us in our bedroom, and are a large part of our daily life.

Leonbergers are not for everyone.  They are large dogs with big feet and strong personalities.  They are expensive initially and continue to be expensive throughout their lives... bigger cars, bigger vet bills, bigger food bills and all the other things that become essential to make them comfortable such as swimming pools, air conditioning, country house, vacations and trips that include the dog.  And then, of course, you can't have just one!

Bev Travis

BoBev's Kennel

845-676-3154 Between 10AM & 6PM


LCA Registered Breeder Kennel #CO

Leonberger Club of America

Breeding Leonbergers since 1997


© 2009-2015 Beverly Travis

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