Over the many years with Leonbergers, I have become aware and involved with health and longevity issues. I have done extensive reading on differing beliefs about nutrition, over-vaccination, and the use of too many antibiotics.  Flea and heartworm medications that are absorbed through the skin may play a part in the problems that our dogs are having.

It was my Serafina who got me thinking about this.  She never enjoyed eating and after having Labrador Retrievers for many years, I found it quite sad that she did not really enjoy her food.  I fed her top brands of food, I varied her food ...she would eat well for a week or two and then be off her food.  This led me to Ian Billinghurst and the book “Give Your Dog A Bone” and the BARF diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food).  I joined several internet groups and read extensively.  I started our dogs on this diet in 1997 and have not looked back since.  They look forward to eating, their breath and coats smell sweet, their teeth are pearly white, their ears are clean, and they have barely been to the vet except for their yearly checkups.

That was the beginning.  Since that time, I have continued my reading and studying about vaccines, holistic approaches to healing, while trying different approaches to preventing heart worm and fleas.  We have been blessed with better health in our current approach to raising puppies and adult dogs which avoid some of the environmental problems that might be contributing to immune related diseases.

We have had many healthy dogs since we have taken this approach. Yet I am not convinced I have all the answers, and I am continually open to learning more.  I love these dogs and want them to lead long, healthy, stress free lives, and be amazing companions to their families.  I don't believe this will happen in one generation, so I hope I will be breeding long enough to see the good results originating from my beliefs.

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